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What is Play My Legacy?

Play My Legacy is an online program that allows you to record and save videos that tell the story of your life for family and friends to enjoy for generations to come. With the click of a button, you can create your very own documentary in minutes using your home computer, laptop, or tablet. Our expertly crafted questions and prompts will guide you with what to record to build your Legacy Page. Then, easily share your password protected Legacy Page with your loved ones to comment on your documentary style videos!

Who should make a Legacy Page?

We all have stories to share! Play My Legacy helps everyone to record, save, and share videos about their family, career, and so much more! Make a Legacy Page to ensure your story lives on for years to come or invite your mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to do the same! Play My Legacy is intended for users 18 years old and up.

After I record videos, how do I share my legacy page?

Great question! After you record, click the big button on the top of the page that says, “Share My Page.” You will then be prompted to set a simple password to protect your videos… we recommend you write it down somewhere! Our software will then instruct you to input phone numbers or email addresses of your loved ones to share your Legacy Page. Or, copy and paste the unique page link to text to friends and family that is provided in the “Share My Page” button. Don’t forget to share your password so your friends and family can access your amazing stories.

How much does Play My Legacy cost?

It’s free! Take advantage of this custom software to save your stories for generations to come.

Who can see My Legacy Page?

Share only with the people you want. Your Legacy Page will be password protected so your amazing stories will be for the eyes of your friends and family only.

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