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How it all began?

My grandfather, Jules, also known as Pop, owned a clothing factory that burned down and then started his next company by selling the remains of the charred building. As legend has it, Pop also got stuck while fighting in World War II in an army tank. He was apparently removed from the army tank with Vaseline. I wish I could ask Pop more questions like how long he was stuck in the tank, if they really used Vaseline to free him, and how he knew my Grandmom was the love of his life. But, all I have are the stories passed on from my Grandmom Lo, and other friends and family. We became passionate about preserving these stories.

After purchasing expensive camera equipment and microphones, we set our other grandparents up with a list of index cards with questions we wanted answers to. Our grandparents were eager to record their stories, but the equipment was too difficult to set up on their own, they were frustrated when it came time to upload videos, and our siblings could never access the footage.

So, we set out to build an easy-to-use platform for our loved ones to record themselves where we could capture their signature facial expressions, sense of humor, and so much more. Our grandparents started sharing stories on Play My Legacy that we never heard before and would have never known to ask. We all had fun watching the new videos and felt a sense of comfort knowing we could revisit these videos down the road.

It’s our hope that you enjoy building your own legacy pages here with your loved ones. We’re dedicating this project to our amazing grandparents who’ve built our families, started their own ventures, travelled the world, and have incredible stories to share.

Miss you Pop!

Sarah Dion

A husband-and-wife team passionate about storytelling and family memories

This is an opportunity for us all to capture the amazing legacies of our parents, grandparents, and families, so we can learn more about their lives, or log in when we miss them most and want to see them again.

Josh SeidenCo-founder

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